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Berlin Film Festival attendees have a chance to sample the diverse cuisine of a foodie city. Some of the top pics for a pre-film repast, by district:



Neumond in Berlin’s Mitte district prides itself on its seasonal cuisine, described as modern European and cosmopolitan. The menu includes meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes with unique twists.

Borsigstrasse 28
+49 30 285 75 05

Kreuz + Kümmel

Indian-German fusion dishes include Quesadilla el Indio, Schweinebauch Vindaloo and Barbecue Shortribs Jardalu.

Auguststrasse 82
+49 30 308 867 15


For seekers of traditional regional fare, Alpenstück, also in Mitte, offers mouthwatering southern German cuisine. Alpine dishes are prepared with fresh local products from surrounding farms.

Gartenstrasse 9
+49 30 217 516 46

Cookies Cream

Notoriously hard to find but all the more fun when finally located, Cookies Cream in Mitte is one of Berlin’s most popular and crea­­tive high-end vegetarian eateries, boasting original and locally sourced wonders.

Behrenstrasse 55
+49 30 27 49 29 40

Das Lokal

The lively restaurant in Mitte offers a weekly changing seasonal menu with creative and delectable dishes from locally grown ingredients.

Linienstrasse 160
+49 30 284 495 00



An institution for more than 25 years, Jolesch offers fine Austrian cuisine, including some of the best Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn in town. The restaurant is also open for lunch.

Muskauerstrasse 2
+49 30 612 35 81

Adana Grillhaus 

A hugely popular Turkish restaurant in Kreuzberg, Adana Grillhaus now has a second location right around the corner.

Manteuffelstr. 86
+49 30 6127790
Skalitzer Str. 105
+49 30 82409600



A new addition to Prenzlauer Berg’s gastronomical scene, Simsim offers authentic Levantine dishes, with a menu inspired by traditional Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese cuisine, in a contemporary setting. The tapas-style dishes are best shared.

Husemannstrasse 1
+49 30 484 910 35

Restaurant Oderberger

Oderberger serves fine regional cuisine with a focus on specialities from Berlin and Brandenburg. Located at the site of Prenzlauer Berg’s historic town baths and swimming pool, it boasts an industrial-chic design spread across three levels.

Oderberger Str. 57
+49 30 780 089 768 11


Bar Brass

Located near Richard-Wagner-Platz, Bar Brass offers internationally influenced French cuisine in a modern setting located in a welcomingly bright and open high-ceilinged space. Open for both lunch and dinner.

Am Spreebord 9
+49 30 383 032 00


The upscale Grosz on Berlin’s premiere shopping boulevard regularly offers such traditional dishes as Brüsseler Poularde and Lobster Bellevue.

Kurfürstendamm 194
+49 30 652 14 21 99


Brasserie Colette

Berlin star chef Tim Raue presents French cuisine classics with a modern twist at his hip restaurant located opposite the famed KaDeWe department store.

Passauer Str. 5-7
+49 30 21 99 21 74


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